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Critical Power

Power sits at the foundation of all networks – everything rides on it! Power availability therefore needs to be optimised to minimise downtimes and maximise network availability. It is for this reason KEUS has partnered with best-in-class power providers to deliver high quality and high efficiency critical power solutions to safeguard mission critical operations.

DC Power Systems & Inverters

DC Power PlantDC Power Systems

High quality and reliable communication are increasingly critical to our very existence – which relies on even higher quality power systems. We solve this challenge with a full range of DC Power Systems driven by Vertiv’s industry leading Netsure DC Power Plants, Distribution, Control and Monitoring Systems.


For high availability, high efficient ac power to support telecommunication and datacenter operations, we offer industry-standard-bearer CE+T modular Inverter Systems to ensure the highest quality power delivery for servers and switches.



Power Distribution Units & Static Transfer Switches

AC DistributionVertiv Static Power

Driven by Vertiv’s innovative AC Power Distribution Units (PDUs), we offer a wide range of PDUs from basic units to Switched PDUs with remote monitoring and locking receptacles - offered in vertical and horizontal configurations.

DC Distribution

Power distribution needs to be of the same high quality as Power Systems. For this reason - we provide a wide range of top-quality DC Power Distribution Systems, FADPs, Fuses, Circuit Breakers and Accessories to fit all situations.

Static Transfer Switch

Where critical equipment are operating from a single power supply, we solve this problem with our Static Transfer Switch allowing for power redundancy with dual power connectivity – ensuring continued service operation even with a power source failure.



DC Power Generators & Surge Protective Devices

AC GeneratorDC Power Generators

Used for special applications such as telecommunication sites – dc Power Generators are highly efficient and allows for quieter operations. Our DC Generators fitted with Super-Capacitors are designed to mitigate against vandalism.

AC Power Generators

AC Stand-by Generators provide strong back-up power support and are vital to mission critical power infrastructures.

Hybrid Power Solutions

Hybrid Power Solutions offer configurations for off-grid / grid-tie power operations with options for using a full mix of renewable energy and power generation technologies – all built into a single reliable and efficiently controlled power system.

SPDs (Surge Protective Devices)

We offer industry leading Liebert Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) to protect personnel and critical equipment against surge currents from events such as commercial power surges and lightning.



UPSs (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)

Online UPSs

IT and general businesses operations cannot afford equipment failures / service downtimes. Power failures are especially problematic, as it induces equipment failures and data corruption which can significantly extend service interruptions. Our on-line UPSs driven by Vertiv’s suite of Liebert UPS solutions provide reliable back-up power to cover interruptions and transients in the power supply.

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