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Enterprise & Datacentres

Datacentres have traditionally demanded high power availability – and with the increasing use of technology, traditional businesses have become more reliant on digital solutions to improve efficiencies and drive service delivery. This has created a need for quality data operations requiring high quality power solutions. With our partners, we offer the right mix of equipment and solutions designed to meet and exceed these needs.

Online UPSUPSs (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)

Online UPSs

IT and general businesses operations cannot afford equipment failures / service downtimes. Power failures are especially problematic, as it induces equipment failures and data corruption which can significantly extend service interruptions. Our on-line UPSs driven by Vertiv’s suite of Liebert UPS solutions provide reliable back-up power to cover interruptions and transients in the power supply.



Aisle ContainmentAisle Containment Systems

Hot Aisle Containment

This channels warm air from equipment into selected aisles and upward into the ac return system, resulting in improved cooling efficiencies and cost savings. KEUS utilises Vertiv’s state of the art solutions to provide best-in-class solutions.

Cold Aisle Containment

Enclosing the cold aisles and preventing the mixing of hot and cold air provides for efficient cooling. KEUS utilises Vertiv’s state of the art solutions to provide best-in-class solutions.



Power Generators & Surge Protective Devices

DC Power GenDC Power Generators

Used for special applications such as telecommunication sites – dc Power Generators are highly efficient and allows for quieter operations. Our DC Generators fitted with Super-Capacitors are designed to mitigate against vandalism.

AC Power Generators

AC Stand-by Generators provide strong back-up power support and are vital to mission critical power infrastructures.

Hybrid Power Solutions

Hybrid Power Solutions offer configurations for off-grid / grid-tie power operations with options for using a full mix of renewable energy and power generation technologies – all built into a single reliable and efficiently controlled power system.

SPDs (Surge Protective Devices)

We offer industry leading Liebert Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) to protect personnel and critical equipment against surge currents from events such as commercial power surges and lightning.



Electricals & Grounding

CablesAutomatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

Automatic Transfer Switches provide transfer of power between Power Generators and the commercial supply - and are a critical part of the power infrastructure; they must therefore be durable and highly reliable. We offer industry leading solutions to ensure high quality power delivery for your critical operations.

Ground Bars & Rods

Grounding is critical to network performance and if compromised, will negate the electrical protective mechanism and can result in equipment failures and data corruption. We offer a full range of grounding materials and equipment to ensure safety of personnel and protection of sensitive equipment.

Cables, Clamps & Accessories

Power cables and installation accessories

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